Wednesday, January 14, 2004

I got this off a friend of mine - naming your favourite musicians (of the moment) from A to Z. This is going to be decidedly difficult, especially given my current state of braindead-ness after having worked late three nights in a row.

A: Louis Armstrong
B: Beach Boys
C: Coldplay
D: Dido
E: Eurythmics
F: Fatboy Slim
G: Goo Goo Dolls
H: Lauryn Hill
I: Enrique Iglesias
J: Norah Jones
L: Linkin Park
M: Sarah McLachlan
N: New Order
O: Sinead O'Conner
P: Prodigy
Q: Queen
R: Radiohead
S: Santana
U: U2
V: Paul van Dyk
W: The Wonders (Hey, I love That Thing You Do! - and I'm desperate)
X: ???
Y: Weird Al Yankovic
Z: Zazie

Ouch. This was tough. Having to strain my brain for names of musicians that even began with K, W, Y and Z... and even worse, having to choose between Sarah McLachlan and Massive Attack for M, Thievery Corporation and TLC for T. Those were difficult choices to make.

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