Saturday, February 14, 2004

I got fairly drunk for the second night in a row yesterday.

And when I mean drunk, I mean feeling extremely nauseous kind of drunk. Yesterday night was worse than Thursday night for sure, because I had to spend an hour sitting in bed, clenching my jaw shut in order not to throw up. Ugh.

Friday the 13th turned out to be a rather frustrating kind of day for me. I looked kick-ass sexy but didn't have any plans for last night, though I went out with a guy friend later on in the night. I didn't feel like working much - and didn't end up doing much work. And the thing that got me the most - I was just so p***ed off with all the evasive answers I've been getting from you-know-who!

It's as if all the frustration I've been feeling with regards to this stupid issue just all accumulated and whacked me straight in the head. I mean it. I'm in such a foul mood over it that I'm barely managing to be civil to him. Grrrrr-argh!!! It's been the usual things... like why the heck am I getting so worked up over some guy who I spent only two weeks with, what do I think is going to happen even if I manage to establish whether he reciprocates, blah blah BLAH.

At this point, I'm just so... irritated that I've tried every conceivable way of finding out where I stand - and STILL haven't succeeded. Freakin' hell. I don't care. I GIVE UP.

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