Sunday, February 15, 2004

Valentine's Day was unexpectedly fun.

Although I'm very very single at the moment, it seemed to be a day of catching up with friends. My day started out with my getting a facial. The beautifician was telling me that the guy who marries me will be very lucky because I'm "very pretty and also very good and gentle."

Erm. Right. But her heart's in the right place, so I didn't take offence.

Anyway, after that, it was decided that I would go to meet my friend who I hadn't seen in over one-and-a-half years at 3.45 pm and go bag shopping with her, followed by a movie with her and my cousin and then, a singles' party. Hey, don't knock it. It sounded interesting - Brazilian drums, caricaturist... like, why not?

At least that's how it was meant to go.

But then, a certain someone called at 3 pm. We talked until 3.30 pm, thereby ensuring that I would be late since I still had to shower. Not that I minded. I was really happy to hear from him after all. But still, signals remain decidedly mixed. I mean, while he did call me on Valentine's Day, I did also learn that he had bought for me a poster of Aragorn from RotK, which is nice - but not the kind of gift you get for someone you're interested in, you know? And also, telling me that he had to go talk to this girl from another country (i.e. another overseas call) after he finished talking to me? I swear, for every twenty signs I get that I think could mean that he likes me, I get one strong one that could be interpreted to mean that he doesn't.

Maybe it really is just a game to him. And there's a part of me that says that I sure as hell am not going to let him win this game, but another part of me thinks I should just give up and move on. There's nothing further to be done. After all, he's not coming back until what - July or December at the earliest?

So. Anyway. Moving on. I eventually met up with my friend at 6 pm, due to her also being held up by a phone call, and because the train broke down, stranding her just two stations away from where she was supposed to meet me. Once that was revealed, I promptly walked all the way down in my kick-ass Camper brown suede high heel boots (so not made for walking) and got there 30 minutes later.

It seemed like everyone had the same plan to watch a movie though. Every movie was selling fast and the only seats available were those two rows from the front. Tried that a couple of times - not good. Trust me.

So, we decided to shop instead - and boy, was that killer on my waller. Ended up buying a Hollister shirt and an Ann Taylor skirt from one of my favourite factory outlet shops, a blue lacy clubbing top from Future State (the definitive place for clubbing/night-time tops for me) and lusting after a gorgeous black evening dress from Miss Sixty (that requires at least another person's assistance in getting it on) at 50% off. If only I had an unlimited supply of money... but the sale goes on for another week, so I'll give it to Wednesday before I make up my mind! Heh.

After that, we met up with my cousin and had a quick dinner at nine, before heading over to the singles' party. Turned out to be a nice place, but not much going on, so we went off to Boat Quay where we got ourselves some hip hop action at Chocolate Bar. Spent an enjoyable hour surrounded by not-too-good-looking people but pretty decent music, and my friend and I even ended up pole dancing! I was so mortified but hey, I did it anyway. I warned my cousin not to tell his or my parents about this, so heh.

And after that, we adjourned to the nearest Coffee Bean to get some coffee before going off to Hideout for the tail-end of their Traffic Light party, where they were playing trance! I got all of my music fixes in one night, and it was brilliant.

I had an incredible time last night. Who would have thought?

The only regret I have is... that I missed my friends' gig over at Zouk. I did say I'd go, and I'm sorry that I missed it, but my friend didn't like trance, and by the time we finished our coffee, there was only one hour of their set to go, and I wasn't willing to go all the way down and pay S$25 to listen to that remaining hour. I'm sorry, guys!

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