Monday, May 17, 2004

Men. They're thoroughly confusing. And f***ing frustrating too, to boot.

In short. Men. Are. Bastards.

Maybe I am generalising, but it's hard to fully trust a male given all the kinds of crap that my friends (and I) have been through. It's difficult to allow yourself the luxury of being the once-gullible, innocent, trusting person that you once were and see that maybe, just maybe, the guy who's talking to you could in fact be a really nice guy. Actually... Bollocks.

Earlier today, the guy who I'd given my phone number too, and who had called me up yesterday night "just to chat" went all the way to the gym which I was supposed to be going to although it was out of his way 'cos he figured we could hang out after we'd both finished. The thing is... I had decided to skip my class at my regular gym and go to the one closer to my house (and also the one which he was originally planned to go to) because I wanted to get home in time to watch the first episode of Friends - Season 10. So. Erm. Major whoops.

Given all this evidence, one would suspect that this guy's into me. Firstly, I gave him my number and although he said "Maybe I'll call you," (which by the way, got me more than a little confused - but hey, I'm the Queen of Qualifiers, so I know a way out when I see one) and he actually did call within twenty-four hours, no less. We chatted for about an hour and a half in total yesterday night.

Secondly, he went all the way to the gym which I was supposed to be at despite the fact that he was pretty tired from work. While I'd been willing to overlook the first big hint because I honestly don't trust my own judgement, this second hint is far too obvious too ignore.

Do I mind a guy coming on this strong this early? Usually, yes. I get more than a little freaked out. But this guy... he's different. I kind of like talking to him. He's nice. And from what I recall, he's not bad looking either. And - he dances. I mean, he really dances. Do you have any idea how rare that is in a guy?

Now, here's the catch. I don't have any idea as to whether he's taken. A guy this eligible usually cannot be single and available, particularly if he goes clubbing every weekend. Plus, I've met other people from his school - this being Singapore and all, you can pretty much figure a person out by the schools they're from - and quite a few of them are from the "I know I'm good looking and all I'm after is a fling" school of thought.

Plus. Yes. I Google'd him. It does indeed seem as though as recently as April of this year that he was still attached and very much in love.

You might call what I'm doing stalker-ish. I choose to think of it as an early warning mechanism that allows me to not let my guard down unneccessarily. I've been hurt before. It's not something I want to go through again. Not when I've got so much going on at work.

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