Wednesday, June 16, 2004

My Personal Style Profile
According to Yasmin

You're Body And Soul.

Whether you're considering everyday matters, or at a crossroads with a major decision to make, the choices you make come from your body and soul. A balance of sensitivity and physicality, you're not short on feelings or shy about expressing them. A natural flirt, relationships seem a little easier to you, since people gravitate towards you. Your charming, friendly nature also helps you adapt to just about any person or situation.

Not easily shaken, you're confident, expressive and will do just about anything in the name of fun. Nothing too outrageous though, since you've got a good gut instinct for staying out of trouble.

But if there's something new to be experienced, you're in the front row. New people? New parties? New environment? It's what you thrive on. You like change, and you're not quite ready to settle down yet.

Your natural charm is a gift. Whether you're defusing a tense situation, interviewing for a job or meeting a new guy, use it to your advantage.

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