Sunday, July 18, 2004

I woke up yesterday morning to discover a missed call from E., the guy I didn't walk away from. Just to give a little more detail... When I opted to walk away, close the door and throw away the key, I thought I had chosen to do so for both guys, not just the more annoying one. But, as I looked at the number and listened to E's voice message, it was clear from the way my heart was pounding that I hadn't manage to completely extricate myself from the romantic trainwreck that I've been involved in.
When he called again later, he asked when I'd be free. Now this weekend was a terrible one for me because I'm trying my best to finish a review, otherwise I won't get to go to London for my two week vacation. As I listened to his schedule for the weekend in awe, I commented, "Man, you're all booked up!" To my surprise and immense pleasure, he replied, "It's different. You're not trying to book me, I'm trying to book you!"
Aww. Please don't get my hopes up.
He had returned on Thursday night and had gone out with his usual close friends. Thanks to the curse that is jet lag, he woke up on Friday night and went out to Zouk, whereupon he felt, "Wait a sec... something's missing!" and he realised that he had forgotten to call me. He had to go to a little bit of trouble to get my number since he left it in the US... and presto, the next morning, he called while I was sleeping.
You cannot possibly imagine the effect that little speech had on me.
But... and here's the rub. He's only back for two weeks before returning to the US for the great job hunt. Yes, that's right. Two weeks. I've already decided that I'll be making a couple of moves - either in the fling direction, the confession direction or even both. But I'm not sure how to initiate option 1 given my distinct lack of experience in that particular arena. How do you initiate a kiss with someone when he's driving or eating on the other side of the table in a coffeeshop? I'm just not conversant with that. But hopefully, I'll manage to overcome this difficulty... and just as hopefully, I won't find out that I've been batting 0-for-2 all along...

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