Friday, July 02, 2004

While at work today, working on some numbers, I decided it was time for me to start on the French learning CDs by Michel Thomas which I bought on a boxercise classmate's recommendation off the now-defunct Yahoo! Auctions UK. I have to admit the introduction by Thomas - whereby he stresses the importance of relaxing, and not memorising the language but just letting it wash over you such that it becomes knowledge that you possess - was pretty impressive. I especially liked the part where he said, "There will be no homework, not even mental homework," since I for sure do not have the time to handle any extra-curricular activities right now. I've only gotten through to the middle of track 5 of CD 1 of the eight-CD course so I do know everything that he's teaching right now. Still, I have to admit, I like his teaching style whereby he engages you as if he were right in front of you asking you how to say "Would you like to eat with me?" ("Voulez-vous manger avec moi?")

For more information on Thomas's courses, you can check out his official site or a fellow blogger's account of a relaxing French lesson from Michel Thomas.

On other news, Greece - against all odds - knocked the Czech Republic out of Euro 2004 via a silver goal scored by Dellas. Sigh. Life isn't fair. All the nice attacking teams with flair are out. What a difference Nedved made. Damn that knee injury!

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