Monday, August 30, 2004

I forgot to include this in my travel entry on Slovenia and decided to post it up here instead of in the original travel post.

On the night I arrived in Slovenia, there was a busker performing by the Triple Bridge - Jimmy from Florida, as he introduced himself. He had a surprisingly good voice and his singing stopped me as I was hurrying back to the hostel. Lightning had been flashing across the sky for some time now and I was trying to get back before it started to pour. However, as he started singing Lionel Richie's Stuck on You, I couldn't help but stop and listen, so touched was I by the romantic feel of the song. When I'm alone in a romantic city on my travels, I tend to be more easily moved by romantic songs, movies and gestures, and this time was no exception. I'd heard the song before but I'd never liked it as much as I liked it that night and it almost brought me to tears.

God bless you, wandering Jimmy, wherever you are. Keep on singing.

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