Saturday, September 11, 2004

Thie week and over the next few days, I'll have said goodbye to two shows I loved dearly: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Friends. While it's true that the shows have deteriorated in quality over the years and that I do have some fundamental issues with both shows (Please! Buffy and Spike? And what's with this "it's all about me!" stuff on Buffy? And why did Friends turn into some sort of incestuous dating show and Ross into an anaemic not-at-all-funny-and-incredibly-pathetic dork?)

On a more serious note, the royal wedding in Brunei - why is everyone looking at this as though it's some sort of romantic story? It's a 30-year-old crown prince marrying a 17-year-old. It's practically paedophilia! Enough said.

And the bombing of the Australian embassy in Jakarta - my friend was there on vacation. The bomb was so powerful that they could feel it 15 km away. Please stop. It's terrible when it's far away, despicable when it involves children (either as victims or instruments) and scarier when it's so close to home.

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