Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Yesterday, they showed the last episode of Friends ever. I know I mentioned last week that I would be bidding farewell to one of my favourite shows but I didn't think I would be feeling as lost as I'm feeling now. I feel almost the same way I felt when I had to say goodbye to London and make my way back home to Singapore back in 2002.

I know, I know. It's only a television show, for goodness' sake. But at the same time, I've been watching the gang for ten years, having followed it when it premiered in 1994. I grew along with the guys on the show. The show's accompanied me through my trials and tribulations. I left home for the first time, graduated from university, went through two boyfriends and got my first job during the time the show was running. I cemented long-running, strong relationships with my own bunch of Friends; I was even welcomed as a member of the "Friends without the coffee" gang back in high school.

My favourite character was initially Monica because of the similarity of her name to mine, but it soon moved to Ross when he was still sweet and funny, instead of the irritating loser he was portrayed as during the last five seasons or so. In fact, all six of them have been my favourite at one time or another such that at this point in time, I'm unable to figure out who's my true favourite, though it could very well be Rachel given Jennifer Aniston's strong acting during the last few seasons.

Friends has had its ups and downs. Certain seasons were terribly weak, while others were consistently funny. Though no one can ever say that it was an incredibly intelligent show (indeed, its pilot wasn't all that well-received), nevertheless, it had snappy writing and a great cast. Moreover, this show was revolutionary in a way in that instead of revolving around a family, it revolved around friends. I guess one of the main reasons why I feel so strongly about this show is how it showed how instead of relatives, friends were... are the twentysomethings' family. Now, I'm a twentysomething and I do indeed find that I'm beginning to rely on seeing them more and more, depending on them for advice and comfort, secure in the knowledge that my friends will always be there for me.

Goodbye, Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, Chandler, Joey and Ross. Thanks for the last ten years. You'll be missed.

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