Saturday, October 23, 2004

Had dinner at Whitebait and Kale, an unexpectedly romantic and cosy restaurant located near where I live.

While getting ready for dinner, I was a little nervous, believe it or not. I was trying to figure out what kind of make-up to wear and what to do with my hair so that it wouldn't be so limp. While I didn't get any feedback from my date, I think I looked rather good, especially since my self-confidence was just positively radiating.

Yes, it was a date. And it's been a long while since I'd been on one. It didn't help that my friend - who knew my date - kept SMSing me randomly throughout the dinner, asking if I had asked whether my date was attached (and later on, instructions on how to get the information discreetly when I protested that I was all about subtlety and not at all direct, like how he was asking me to ask), which resulted in my reading the SMS, laughing like hell, looking slightly scandalised and putting the phone back down while in conversation with the guy.

The waitstaff were a little slow but quite friendly. One of them even came up to me to ask if I stayed in a certain part of Singapore, to which I replied in the negative and he said he asked only because I looked very familiar. As it was my first time to the restaurant, I said so, and then he said, "You could be a model. That's why I find you familiar." Thank you, dude. You made my day.

The apple crumble was the best apple crumbled I've ever eaten. I was trying so hard to keep the (for want of a better word) orgasmic expression off my face because it seriously was that good, so much so that I had to explain to the guy that I was suppressing the sheer joy which may be why I'm behaving so weirdly.

So. Verdict on date? He's a nice guy. I'm not falling just yet though. Is he keen? I hope so. It does my ego good if a guy's keen even if I'm not keen. ;P

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