Sunday, October 10, 2004

So far this year, my romantic track record has been one heartbreak away from being catastrophic.

It's funny. Every year, I start out with a whole new bunch of resolutions (or rather, whole old bunch, considering they're virtually the same every year) and I jokingly conclude with a resolution to "break more hearts this year than I did last year." And each year, I manage to break exactly one heart: my own.

In fact, this year, I seem to be spending more time in the "getting over" stage than in the "falling in like" stage. And I'm getting tired of it. I've told myself that I'm not going to fall for anyone for the rest of the year, if only to delude myself into thinking that this will somehow make this year of the Monkey not a complete disaster for this Monkey.

In other news, I had to submit my self-assessment to my bosses on Friday. There's nothing quite like that exercise in order to make one re-evaluate their self-worth so utterly and completely.

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