Saturday, November 13, 2004

Armin van Buuren's set last night was abso-f***ing-ly magnificent. Danny Tenaglia's set last week was fantastic, but Armin - one of the great masters of Trance, the only music capable of getting me high - he was awesome. Yesterday night, he showed us all why he's more than worthy of the no. 3 position in DJ Mag's Top 100 DJ Poll 2004; in fact, he ought to be no. 1!

And it would seem as if the entire clubbing population of Singapore agreed last night. Armin came on at 1 am and played till 5.25 am, and the floor was packed throughout. In fact, it was so crowded that for once, Zouk didn't offer their usual one-for-one drinks specials on the grounds that the club had too many people in it!

Last night made me realise how truly grateful I am to have met the guy who graciously allows me to steal into the Members' Area to join him and his friends every single time I go clubbing; had I been stuck on the dance floor, I would definitely not have had as good a time as I did yesterday. So, to you - D., Jedi Master of all things musical - thanks a lot!

Tunes spotted during the night: Armin van Buuren - Communication, Sasha - Wavy Gravy, Delerium - Silence, Binary Finary - 1998 (Ronski Speed Remix), Marco V - Automanual and Iio - Rapture, and to cap it off, he ended the night with Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes (Armin's Universal Religion Mix). All incredible tunes, all made me go mental.

Having had difficulty sleeping the night before, I wasn't entirely sure I was up for clubbing. I was tired and work stress had returned, as I'd been given a project to take over from a colleague who'll be returning to her office overseas. The truth about my job is... I hate the hours, I'm not too certain about the prospects, I definitely despise the hourly pay but... I enjoy what I'm doing as I get to analyse and write, two of my favourite intellectual activities. But that's neither here nor there, and it's a topic for another post some other time.

But the truth is... I was reluctant to go as I knew I would run into CO. In fact, he had SMS'd me that same night asking if I was going, but I refused to respond simply because I was - and still am - mad at him. That, and the fact that seeing his name caused a brief stab of pain, which made me wonder what I would do if I saw him in person. But in the end, sod it, I thought. No man alive is going to keep me from doing anything I want to do.

And I'm glad I went. Not just because the music was fantastic, but because after all the baggage had been left... well, not at the door, but more like on the floor after I spoke to him and told him, "by the way, I'm still mad at you, but I'm too nice to remain mad this night," which was true, because, hey, trance music unites all, right? Anyway, after all that had been dealt with, we embarked on a drinking spree, and later on, some good ol' UK-style club dancing.

And he's still nice. He does still make me laugh very easily, and he was chivalrous, protecting me from itinerant waiters and drunken people. Plus, he can dance. I recall at one point during the night just thinking, "Can you just not be so nice? It's hard enough on me as it is!"

What am I feeling now? To be honest, I don't know. Not anger, not affection, not anything. I'm just too exhausted to feel.

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