Saturday, December 04, 2004

Met up with a bunch of old high school friends at Wakaru for paper steamboat last night. I know people wonder how come we're so close and while I'm glad that I keep in touch with these people who I've known for over 10 years now, I'm wondering why it is that no matter how many new people I meet, I ultimately return to hanging out with my bunch of girlfriends. I can't articulate what it is about these people that I always have a good time while I'm with them... and yet I do feel a little bored, as if I haven't been able to move my life forward, always stuck in the past with these friends of mine. Don't get me wrong. I love them all... but maybe it's just me? Maybe I'm just finding it difficult to meet people I really connect with the older I get? Why was it so easy back in high school?

On another note, three of us ordered the beef kaminabe. If you're not Hokkien or Singaporean, you won't understand why we were all delighted with the fact that we all wanted a kaminabe.

After a prolonged dinner, we drifted off to Attica. It's got a nice Balinese-inspired courtyard at the back but it's so crowded with expat-yuppie-types and their SPG/working-class girlfriends that while it seems like an upmarket club, the mood felt more like that of a meat market. True, no one tried to hit on my friends and I, but whenever we walked past a Caucasian (and that was all the time), they'd turn and give you the once-over, following you with lascivious looks in their eyes.

My Canadian-born Chinese cousin liked the door policy (which makes all local men even groups of women with one man queue for ages to get in) because "it weeded out the trash." I disagree; we saw plenty of ang mor trash in there. I find it despicable that in a country such as Singapore, with over 70% of the population being Chinese, such blatant discrimination exists. True, Caucasians may drink more and spend more money, but just because they're white doesn't automatically make them better than the rest of us.

Incidentally, this club was recently reviewed in The Straits Times as being the new hip young thing on the block. Last night was only my third time there and I've decided that I'm not going back there out of my own free will. I hate the place.

I ended up going to China Jump to 'rescue' CO, who had been charged with taking care of some overseas delegates. I went, knowing full well I'd kick myself in the morning for giving in to my masochistic desire to see him. And while one of the visitors was clearly taken with me and I was flirting with him as is my wont, my eyes just kept wandering over to where CO was dancing with another girl in the club. It always gets me depressed realising how little I seem to have moved on.

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