Saturday, December 18, 2004

On Thursday night, in spite of my antisocial inclinations (which seem to have increased ever since my birthday week), I decided to go meet some friends who wanted to check out Rouge for the first time. It's situated in Peranakan Place above Alley Bar, a lovely bar where more than a few yuppies from my company go to chill, and where a DJ from Hotel Costes will be spinning for Christmas Eve. Tempting, tempting.

Now, that night's theme happened to be Supafly... essentially, a hip hop night. Given that it was a weeknight, the crowd looked understandably young. This turned out to horrify one of the gang, who beat a hasty retreat and went back home. As I was on leave on Friday, I wasn't permitted that same luxury, and instead stayed with a friend, a gay acquaintance (we're more of the "hi-and-bye" variety of friends) and the acquaintance's Taiwanese friend who spoke only in Mandarin. Needless to say, other than introducing myself to the latter, I didn't speak to him the entire night.

Strangely enough, my antisocial behaviour turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as said Taiwanese guy turned out to be a worse-than-ah-beng guy when it came to dancing. He was flexible, yes, but not graceful. It really is something to be seen to be believed. Also, while he was enthusiastic, he was screaming "woo woo woo!" all the time, which to me, is not at all cool. I was mortified and tried my best to appear as if I didn't know him at all, suffice it to say. At one point, while my girl friend was trying to escape from his antics (because I was flatly refusing to dance with the freaky guy), she sat on the lap of our other friend, and the Taiwanese straddled her and basically, as all good/bad hip hoppers do, ground against her while she was trapped between the two. It was a priceless, hilarious, incredibly pai seh sight and underscored my message to my girl friend - that I was sick and tired of having to rescue her from every guy situation she got herself into in clubs.

For the record, there was the one time in hideout where she shoved me at some guy who she started talking to because she was bored and because he happened to work in the same company as I did. Then there was the time in Zouk where she was pseudo-pimping me. And then there was the other time in Zouk last week when she was trying to escape from the guy who she had gone to Zouk to have drinks with and who we keep telling her is interested in her and that he's incredibly boring, but she still insists on going out with him anyway, because, the existence of her boyfriend (note: existence, not presence) should be protection enough against anything.

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