Friday, December 10, 2004

What are men complaining about?
Julian Baggini
The Guardian
July 14 2004

"Clever women have been claiming stupid white men rule the world for years, but the first person to be widely lauded for saying so is Michael Moore, another stupid white man. A woman can make a point incessantly, but not until a man says it is it taken seriously. Like away goals, men's opinions count double.

"That is not to say men have no reason at all to complain or be confused but, on the whole, the problems men face are their own fault, the same as those everyone else has had to deal with for centuries, or pale shadows of those confronted by others.

"We have become so used to thinking that we are the most important creatures to walk the planet that we assume our temporary difficulties must be the gravest problems facing society today... Men should realise that the ill-winds of discrimination, double standards and unrealistic ideals that threaten us now have been disrupting the lives of others for centuries."

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