Saturday, February 12, 2005

Hernan Cattaneo is a f***ing good DJ. I had a fantastic time last night although this could have been due in part to the fact that I ran into some people who I was pleasantly surprised to see.

Hailing from Argentina, and one of Latin America's most prestigious DJs, I wasn't sure what to expect from Paul Oakenfold's protege. I'd heard good things about Hernan, no doubt, but having experienced first-hand the sheer cheesiness of Oakie's sets, there was always going to be room for reasonable doubt.

And man, did he dispel them. From the moment I got there, he was playing some good dark progressive house. Along the way, he played some almost-but-not-quite trance (aka progressive house) and although I can't remember for the life of me how he ended his set, I just knew that his music was always making me want to shake my booty for all that it's worth.

Bring on the Pixie!

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