Saturday, February 19, 2005

James Holden wasn't that great. I mean, the music was good... but only if you were sitting down in a plush sofa and chilling with a drink in your hand and didn't have any inclination to move whatsoever. He only really got the crowd bouncing for the last 45 minutes of his set (including his encore of Nothing and an extremely fast track which I would've thought was humanly impossible to dance to had I not succeeded).

For me, personally, the four and a quarter hour wait till the end was worth it if only because I got to go behind the decks and got James' autograph and photo, thanks to the very lovely, very sweet Aldrin. Thank you so much!

James' productions are superb - Horizons, Solstice, Nothing, A Break In The Clouds - and his "non-live" work is fantastic. Balance 005, for instance, was nothing short of superb. And of course, I love him simply because he's from the same college as my brother!

Up next:
Way Out West are coming! And they'll be performing a live set and a DJ set!

Oh happy happy day!

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