Wednesday, March 30, 2005

All about Sideways and wine:

Slate: A Connoisseur's Guide to Sideways
Sideways is great wine porn. The vineyard scenes are, of course, stunning, and the wines paraded across the screen will certainly put that knowing smile on the faces of those who like to drink well.

New York Daily News: After 'Sideways,' Pinot's stock is up
The movie tackles relationships, yes, but it's also an ode to Pinot Noir — considered the holy grail of grapes among wine geeks who love its elusive complexity.

AZCentral: Take a 'Sideways' glance at Pinot Noirs (wine recommendations)
There are two major, very different styles of Pinot: those made in the Burgundy region of France and those made everywhere else.

Wine&Spirits Magazine: Top Ten Pinot Noirs of 2004

AsiaOne: Don't sniff at Sideways, sip it (wine recommendations)
Those who have not caught the movie should do so for a charismatic peek into Californian wine country and some hilarious wine buff lines. (Two of the best uttered by the character which Paul Giamatti plays are 'I am not drinking any f***ing merlot' and 'Quaffable but far from transcendent'.)

San Diego Union Tribune: Will 'Sideways' create a pinot noir predicament? (wine recommendations)
Soon demand for pinot noir will outstrip supply. This will push up the price. For those of us who love pinot noir, this is not good. The obvious solution – planting more pinot noir vineyards – is fraught with danger. Could grape growers, in their rush to capitalize on the public's new fascination with pinot noir, plant this fragile grape in all the wrong places?

San Francisco Chronicle: Merlot is suddenly uncool -- but the great ones still shine
In a much-quoted scene, the wine snob character Miles tells his easygoing friend Jack before a double-date dinner: "If anyone orders Merlot, I'm leaving. I am not drinking any f -- Merlot." Suddenly, America's favorite red wine is also its most uncool.

Featured in the movie: The Hitching Post Winery and Restaurant

And finally... a critique of the book: Sideways, the book, also drives you to drink from PlanIt Vancouver. I suspected it would've been a difficult book to read given the complexity of the dialogue, and it turns out that yes, there're other people who feel that way.

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