Monday, February 28, 2005

I wrote a really long post about the Norah Jones concert, enjoying the Chivas life and listening to Frankie Manning talk about his life. Unfortunately, blogger encountered some technical difficulties and that post is now gone. I may try to recreate the post at a later date but for now, this will have to suffice.

Norah Jones was amazing. Her voice sounds even better live than it does on her CDs, and that's not at all an easy thing to do. Her first few songs - about love and the joys of being in love - were sung with a quiet intensity that was so optimistic that for the duration of the concert, I believed in the innocence and possibility of love again. Despite the large size of the venue, the throaty, dulcet tones of her voice made the concert seem like a rather intimate affair. In between songs, she would talk to the audience and be all giggly and shy, as if she couldn't believe that over 5,000 of us would turn up just for her. The loudest applause for the night was reserved for my three favourite songs: Don't Know Why, Come Away With Me and Turn Me On. Of course, I've heard those songs many times indeed, but she made them sound as fresh as the first time I fell in love with them.

The Chivas Regal post-concert supper party was held at Bar None. I went there by myself as my friends decided to head off to Max Brenner's Chocolate Bar. I was a little apprehensive being alone, but the lure of the free flow of Chivas was too much for me to resist. Besides, I reasoned that as Bar None was on my way home, so no harm done if the party happened to be crappy. It turned out that the resident band, Nine Lives, was playing that night. And to my delight, they played the rock songs I so loved, such as Goo Goo Dolls - Iris. So as I stood, listening to fantastic live music with Chivas in hand, still aglow from having experienced Norah Jones live, I thought... this really is the life, man.

The set list for the Singapore concert is very similar to the set list for her concert in Brazil on December 11 2004.

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