Saturday, March 05, 2005

Way Out West (WOW) ended the night disappointingly early at 4.30 am. Granted, they may have had to leave early as they're going up to Genting Highlands to play at tonight's ZoukFest, but still... hey, there're some of us who have to work on a daily basis, and we still somehow cope, you know? ;P

Anyway, the WOW live set started off rather slowly. Good music, but all too chill. Perfect for when you're too tired to dance and you just want to close your eyes and soak in the music. Even with tunes like The Gift and Mindcircus, it was still rather chill. After about 40 minutes, the music got pumping once they'd started playing Killa all the way till they ended with Anything But You with their great vocalist, Omi, who was really grooving. Unfortunately, the vocals weren't too strong as the bass overpowered her voice.

Jody was really bouncing, fiddling with the knobs, with his body a physical reflection of the effects that were being added to the songs. I'd love to have him made into a doll and place him next to my speakers so that whenever I play clubbing music, I can see him bounce up and down. Nick, on the other hand, was more sedate, looking like a grunge photographer with his denim jacket and glasses. He wasn't as energetic as Jody in the live set, for sure.

The DJ set, on the other hand, was fantastic. The music was incredible. For the most part, the music was progressive house, with slight trance overtones, but I was having a hell of a time, even without much alcohol. Nick was really starting to get into the groove of things, beginning to dance a little bit as he spun. Jody was still the same old, same old, and I was kind of thrilled to get his attention for a small part, because I was right up in front - for the live set and the DJ set - and you could clearly tell I was having fun because of the huge smile on my face. In fact, I danced so hard that both of my knees hurt really badly. I wasn't sure if I would be able to walk after the night and I desperately wanted some Ibuprofen - it was that bad. But true to my mantra, I continued dancing some more, even jumping up and down and pounding my feet into the floor.

Nick proved to be the better DJ last night. Jody skipped a couple of beats here and there, and overall, Nick's reading of the crowd and tune selection proved to be more accurate than Jody's. Undoubtedly, that's why he's more renowned across the globe, even to the point of having recorded several Global Underground albums. I'm glad I caught him this time, after five failed attempts previously, and don't care in the slightest that I missed out on an awesome set at Velvet by Jon Cutler, according to those who went, because last night, WOW rocked my world, baby!

But why was there no Intensify?

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