Sunday, May 29, 2005

More Star Wars fun (thanks to mr brown for the first two):
Darth Tater puns written by schoolchildren: "Luke, I am your farmer" and "Trust your peelings" rank among some of the best lines.
Rebate of the Sip: Star Was: Episode III - in Singlish! Written by the same guy who brought to you the Architect speech (from Matrix Reloaded) in Hokkien.
Star Wars in Hokkien: As done by Power 98. Translation can be found here.
Daniel Wang's Star Wars comic: Another Star Was spoof as set in a local context.
Star Wars quiz from You got 13 right! Excellent. A true Jedi master. You're probably already camping outside a cinema.
The Sith Sense: Darth Vader reads your mind.

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