Sunday, May 29, 2005

Tower of Beer (DXO)

I'd like to know why DXO isn't doing well. My friends and I were over there earlier today at around 1 am to catch Stephane K who was dishing out good dirty house and the place was empty. We were the first ones on the dance floor and fortunately for both the DJ and the club, people started following us on after it was apparent that hey, the people on the floor know good music and they're clearly having fun.

One problem that's common with both Onyx and DXO is the lack of publicity surrounding their events. It's all fine and good to advertise on TR and Frontal Labs, but that's not good enough for the masses. You need to be in I-S Magazine and Juice at the very least.

Drinks promotions too are quite important, but there's not much point having one-for-ones and all that if the quality of drinks is lousy. The quality of drinks at DXO is surprisingly good (apparently something to do with the bulk purchasing power of NTUC), while regrettably, I can't say the same for Onyx the two times I've been there.

Also, the impression I get from others is that there's a general perception that both DXO and Onyx are beng clubs. Fair enough, that's what most of us probably thought once we learnt which companies were operating the clubs. But in my opinion, both clubs are far from beng and do have potential.

But I guess we'll find out for sure from July to October when Zouk is closed for renovations.

P.S. I truly understand that there are people out there who resent having to pay cover to go into a club because they don't plan on drinking any alcohol so to them, it's a huge cost for having to pay to dance all night. But, and as I've said many times, Singapore is one of the few places I know with good clubs which give you drinks along with your entry fee, unlike say, London. Moreover, after watching 24 Hour Party People, and learning that the great clubs in Manchester, like The Hacienda, went under because people weren't spending on drinks, but rather on drugs (the profits of which don't go back to the club management, understandably enough), I do my best to contribute to the continued survival of clubs I go to.

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