Sunday, June 05, 2005

In one of the Her World editions published this year, there's an article advocating that single gals should, instead of devoting time just going out with one guy at a time, juggle multiple partners... referring to dates lah, not sex. The rationale behind it is apparently, we tend to waste time on just one guy at a time, and when things don't work out, you have to start over, meaning you've just wasted six months or more of your time with just that one guy. So, the thing to do is to go out - for dinner, or just hang out - with different guys one-on-one simultaneously.

I somehow sense I didn't phrase that very well.

What I mean is that instead of going out with one guy a week, go out with a different guy every day of the week. And I have to admit that it does make sense. Men do that, so why don't women?

The thing with me is... I feel guilty going out with more than one guy at a time, even if it's not at the serious stage. I just feel bad, as if I'm manipulating the other guy who I'm not as serious about, because with me, there'll always be one guy who I prefer just that little bit more over the other(s). But, I'm looking to fix that guilt complex of mine and just try and enjoy life a bit more. And examining my going out habits more closely, I realise I have been dating multiple guys, just that my definition of date has been a lot narrower than that in the article, as I don't consider going out with guy friends mano a mano dating, but given that they're more than willing to hang out with me must surely mean something about my eligibility.

For instance, I went out to catch a movie on Friday night, hung out and caught up with a close friend on Saturday and today, while I was writing this post, another member of my 'harem' SMS'd me to see if I happened to be at km8.

So who knows? Maybe once I'm able to kick this guilt complex thing, I'll be able to date like a man.

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