Saturday, June 04, 2005

"When I was in Hong Kong it was a real mixture of people from everywhere in the world and ecstasy wasn’t illegal until 1995. Plus, there were no licensing laws; you could get a drink 24 hours a day. Plus, people finished work anywhere between six at night and six in the morning so there was always a fresh crowd of people so it was very hedonistic there was always, like, a lot of energy going on in the club… and people were away from the watchful eyes of their parents or the police or their friends and they just went crazy in Hong Kong and really lived their life to the full. So much so that they spent time in our club six nights a week but still go to work at nine in the morning, straight from the club. It was a crazy, crazy time."
- Lee Burridge, Interview with

No wonder my friend who works in Hong Kong says he doubts I'll be able to cope with working the same kind of job over there and continue clubbing the way I do.

Still, it's a challenge I'd love to undertake while I'm still able to.

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