Thursday, June 16, 2005

Rob Thomas on Life (from the Show - A Night in the Life of Matchbox 20 DVD before the band sings Unwell):
"In 31 years, I've found out that everybody in the world, is a little bit f*cked up. And it's ok, it's ok. But when you're young, you think it's just you. You're at home, you're trying to hide it, you figure maybe you'll grow out of it, maybe sooner or later you'll get like all the other people. What you don't know when you're young, is that it's everybody, man. Everybody's a little bit f*cked up. And when you get older, you have two kinds of people: You have the fortunate people, who realise it early on, they let their freak flag fly, they have a good time, they don't think too hard about it, they don't take theirselves too seriously. And then there's the poor bastards on the other side, who are still trying to play it cool, everyday: 'I'm not f*cked up.' So you know, it's ok to be a little f*cked up every now and then."

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