Friday, June 17, 2005

One of the things I miss most about England is quality radio. But with Joe Augustin back on the airwaves at Power 98, I can safely say that the standard of Singapore radio has been raised considerably. Not only do we have a DJ whose accent isn't overpoweringly Singaporean, but - and this is the best part - his brand of humour is intelligent and incredibly spontaneous too.

Take this gem from a few days ago, when he and co-host Maggie Lim somehow got to talking about how certain kinds of fruit would sound if they could talk. According to Joe, a starfruit would speak in a gay accent. Really, responded Maggie, how about... and she started throwing different kinds of fruit at him (and by that, I mean names of fruit, not literally). And he responded with ease. Gado-gado, he said, means "fight" in Indonesian, so that's why you don't hear anything other than general squabbling from them. He can't figure out how the peanuts got involved though. "Durians?" she asked. "Durians don't talk," he batted back, seemingly without needing to think. His delivery was priceless.

I hadn't realised how good you are on your own, Joe. You are so much better than your ex-partner and you've made my mornings a little brighter.

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