Sunday, January 22, 2006

I guess before everyone jumps on the bandwagon, here's my quick review of Suba, Michel Lu's new bar.

Suba is located within the business district at Millenia Walk. Unusually enough, it's situated facing the fountain courtyard and two office towers, Millenia Tower and Centennial Tower, so those who don't work there may not have known of its existence until it was publicised in yesterday's The New Paper. Given its location, it's definitely aimed at the after-work, professional crowd. Drink prices are reasonable (which is to say, neither cheap nor exorbitant), although they do have long happy hours (4 pm to 8 pm, one-for-one on house pours and beers) . Given that Suba is also currently having a Tattinger champagne promotion, I'm sure you get the idea by now that this is definitely not a place where say, people new to the work force will end up.

While there is a DJ spinning, there isn't a dance floor. DJ Titus spins soul and funk before 10 pm, while DJ Ramesh spins disco and classic house after that, which explains the mix of music I heard when I was there earlier in the week.

The decor is vaguely gothic; there are chandeliers hanging from the ceiling , and the lighting is soft and warm. The furniture is all dark, while there are thin gold curtains which line the glass walls.

The bar staff are quite friendly, but one of our quibbles was that they didn't mention to any of my friends who were buying rounds that there was a 20% discount if you use Citibank credit cards to pay after happy hours. True, sometimes one should ask if there're any promotions, but still, when it comes to drinking, one shouldn't expect the drinkers to be entirely sober and therefore sensible. Other than that though, the staff were very accommodating.

All in all, I think it's a nice place to go and chill during the week after work, but I don't think it's a place most office workers would want to spend their weekends in, no matter how hip and happening the joint is.

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