Sunday, January 22, 2006

Tiefschwarz at Zouk last night was definitely an experience to savour. I hadn't expected to stay till the end as I had listened to one of their sets in 2004 earlier in the week and found it to be rather monotonous after an hour or so. I definitely wasn't the only one among my clubbing friends to feel that way, with a friend, listening to another set that had been recorded in 2005, telling me he felt the same way while we were both chatting on IM. And when I was there last night, some of the Zouk regulars left after an hour or so finding it to be rather boring.

I will acknowledge that it won't be one of the sets that left me exceedingly high at any one point during the night. On the other hand, I will also concede that I didn't feel bored at all, which is rather unusual. Even during the best set that I've heard so far this year, Roger Sanchez (and some of that was due to the amount of alcohol I'd consumed and the job offer I received that day), there were definitely points in which I was a little bored. Yes, electro house is very accessible, but there are times I get sick of it, so Tiefschwarz caught me on a good day - and on day when I was getting a little sick of regular house music.

Another nice thing - if you consider it as such - was the high beng quotient last night. Yes, there were the usual high number of ang mohs - who do nothing whatsoever for me, by the way - but there was also a considerably high number of bengs and perhaps mainland Chinese too. Very unusual given that this is Zouk, supposedly one of the poseur clubs. And the podium dancers were delightfully substandard yesterday, although they may yet qualify as being experts at Mambo Jambo. One of the things I do love about clubbing is laughing at bad dancers, even if they're my friends. Heh.

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