Wednesday, February 01, 2006

For all of you who've ever thought about a career change or just plain ol' wanting a change - any change - and have yet to find the courage to make that move, think about this: What Have You Got to Lose?
There's a lot to lose when you make a career change. In a brutal nutshell, a career change means you have to give up your old self for a new self that knows very little, embraces uncertainty, says OK to the loss of control and agrees to live with fear. Career changes aren't for sissies.

Yet every day, a whole lot of people somehow find enough courage, enough certainty and enough commitment to leave the old behind and walk forward into the unknown. That's what's needed - not absolute certainty or total confidence or a mountain of courage - just enough so you can (to paraphrase Joseph Campbell) get rid of the life you planned and get started on the one that's waiting for you.

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