Thursday, March 09, 2006

A friend has accused me of getting all 'gushy' whenever I'm talking about this guy I like. And she's right. When he sends me an SMS, a great big silly grin appears on my face even if I'm hard at work. And when I write e-mails to her and casually mention him, she says she can sense the gushiness through the text. And the thing is, I'm not crazy in love with him or anything. We've only been out twice and we're still getting to know each other, because we're both complete strangers to each other. There is no common link between us. Yet, this has all the headiness of a first crush. And despite my determination to take things slowly because I don't know where this is leading (where I want it to go or the dreaded 'Friend Zone'), I'll admit I haven't felt this heady about someone in a while.

Yesterday, when I was telling him how proud of myself I was for managing to finish something for a deal with a new client in 24 hours, his response was, "Wow - am impressed. Not just a pretty face after all then!" And yes, you guessed it. I got all gushy. Again.


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