Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I'll be leaving to go see Erlend Oye at the Mosaic Club in a short while.

In the meantime, I'm chatting with a good friend on MSN, attempting to teach her how to do her homework for her Masters as she's doing a Masters in the field that I'm working in right now. She's got a job offer in hand after she finishes in the city that I've been wanting to work in since forever. And yes, I'm a little jealous, given that she'll be doing what I'm doing now, except at a more junior level at first. But still, she's a good friend and I'm happy for her because she wants this too.

I'm also planning my Thailand trip for a friend's pre-wedding highjinks in August, and despite the fact that Europe holds far more appeal for me for travelling, this year, I feel really happy to be home, surrounded by people I love and working in a job that I like, working with people I respect and who seem to be very supportive of my personal and professional development.

Although in spite of all my vaunted intelligence, I'm having great difficulty understanding why travelling to Ko Samui from Bangkok involves as much time as travelling from Prague to Budapest. This really is taking more effort to plan than my Eastern European backpacking trip in my final year. And for this, I'm giving up Ibiza? Heh. Just kidding.

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