Sunday, April 16, 2006

Zouk's 15th Anniversary Crystal Ball was fantastic. Notwithstanding the fact that they kept people waiting at the door for more than half an hour even though the event was scheduled to start at 9 pm, the whole event was pretty much rather well-run given the sheer number of people inside. It was definitely the most crowded I've seen Zouk in a long, long time. Oh, and they ran out of vodka and tequila for the free flow by 10.15 pm, so the good thing is I didn't get wasted. The bad thing is... yes, you guessed it. I didn't get wasted.

What I liked most about the event was the fact that a fair number of people dressed up. The theme for the night was ballroom chic, and quite frankly, I do take the effort to look good when I go out, and I don't like that I turn up at wedding dinners and clubs and find that a significant number of people are dressed like slobs. And it's just Singapore. In Jakarta, Hong Kong and London, people put in the effort. They don't turn up in slippers and bermudas as they do here.

In Jakarta, for instance, they go all out for weddings. They go to the hair salon and get their hair styled, they get their make up professionally done, they get their outfits tailored or what not. They put in the effort to look good at other people's special days. Of course, they don't do the same for clubbing, but at the very least, they don't look like slobs.

I realise I'm still of the old school of thought in that I place a great deal of importance on people's appearances and manners. I'm not saying that I won't talk to you if you don't dress well - heck, that would have meant I wouldn't have gone out with a fair number of guys (note: not dressing well does not mean dressing badly) - but it's just that, when the occasion calls for it, please just put in the effort. It doesn't take much. Put on a shirt, as opposed to a T-shirt. Don't wear baggy pants. If you have to wear a T-shirt, then please make sure there're no holes in it. And so on.


Whoops, I kind of digressed there. So, yes, over the last two weekends, I've gone for two events which had dress codes, and it made me incredibly happy to be wearing my flirty, happy, beautiful dresses. And for once, I didn't feel out of place given that I was surrounded by people who were dressed up too. And for the clubbers who feel that a club is no place to be wearing beautiful clothing, I disagree. As long as you're able to have fun while in those clothes, and you're not off to the side, not dancing because the dress is too tight, or too short, or you're worried it'll get dirty, it's not inappropriate.

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