Thursday, July 06, 2006

It seems that some of my friends have been incredibly curious to find out how my date last week went. It began with dinner at a lovely restaurant which had really friendly staff. Both he and I arrived early, me in my office attire (a shirt and skirt combo which looks professional but also compliments my figure nicely), he in smart casual shirt and pants (although he came from home). The dinner lasted three hours during which we chatted about anything and everything. Towards the end of dinner, he tried to teach me a breakdance move which I was too shy to attempt. After dinner, we decided to explore the surrounding areas. The exploration begain with a stroll through a park hidden in the middle of the city and ended two hours later with his seeing me home in a cab.

Before all of you hunker forward to ask if anything juicy happened, let it be known that neither he nor I made any physical moves on each other during this whole time. Now, this is both a good and a bad thing. It's good because, as I told my guy best friend, the last time I kissed someone on a first date, that relationship ended in Incredible! Pain! And! Heartache! (To which my friend replied, "well, that's what's supposed to happen before you get it right!") It's not so good because, well... without the move - or an attempt at one - I can't really tell whether he likes me. Therein lies the reason for my cautious optimism. I trust you get what I mean.

In any case, you - and I - will have to wait a long time before there'll be any updates on this. He's gone off for a long vacation.

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