Thursday, August 24, 2006

I'm rather excited! I've got a jam-packed September coming up. I'll be going on at three business trips (Hong Kong, India and Hong Kong again) in the span of a month, and for a while, I'll be double-hatting too. I'm being given a great opportunity to work in an even busier office with a lot of activity, and to raise my profile in the region. I've been holding my own at work so far, but now, this is a challenge.

And man, am I looking forward to acing it.

The only bad thing about this (that I can think of right now, of course) is that I may not be able to take the long break I badly need in order to recuperate from burning the candle at way more than two ends.

Ah well. I'm young. I'll survive. And in style, too.

Aside: I was both amused and a little alarmed that the first response from one of my Singapore colleagues when he heard the news was, "What will Zouk do without you? I can feel its stock plummeting even as we speak!" and the first response from one of my Hong Kong ex-colleagues was, "The clubs here suck!" I'm not that much of a huge party raver type... am I?

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