Thursday, August 31, 2006

I have finally broken the midnight barrier. Today, or rather yesterday, marked the first time I stayed beyond midnight to work. To be more specific, I left my office building about 62 minutes ago. And even though my eyes are killing me, I'm still on a bit of a high, having been carried through the day by a deliciously clever e-mail (intellectual stimulation has always turned me on) and just the general high of working on something which I feel is worth it.

I suppose I am addicted to work in some measure. As I told my friend over lunch today, I strongly suspect part of my workoholism stems from my premise that work generally hasn't let me down as much as people have, so to protect myself from inevitable disappointment, I choose to throw myself into something which is dependable and will always be there. But of course, as I mentioned earlier, when I work on something in a high-pressure situation and I'm able to deliver it under such circumstances, I do derive a certain amount of joy and satisfaction in a job well done. So I guess I'm not completely insane after all.

Enough of this ponderating. To bed I go.

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