Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I am currently ploughing my way through Jose Carlos Somoza's The Art of Murder, a murder mystery set in the near future in a world where art, instead of being done on a canvas, or carved out of stone, is painted on humans.

I've not read much of it but it seems pretty interesting so far. Then again, I felt the same way about The Athenian Murders, also written by the same author, and that novel turned out to be a great dud. I don't care if it won some kind of award for great crime fiction writing; I thought it was overly convoluted and just plain pretentious. My parents read that book as well and they couldn't stand it either.

Given my time constraints, I'm really hoping The Art of Murder doesn't turn out the same way. I left the office just over an hour ago and I really should be getting some sleep instead of spending time reading books, but sometimes, working so hard makes it impossible for me to fall asleep even though I'm exhausted.

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