Sunday, September 24, 2006

While browsing through the most recent issue of The Economist, I came across what must be the most serious, yet most hilarious epistle that has graced the Letters page of the periodical.

So hip it hurts

SIR – We are Japanese-comic fans who want you to know that you made a mistake and we are embarrassed for you (“Kick-ass maidens”, September 2nd). The picture you showed in your article is not of a woman but is our favourite male ass-kicker, Kenshin Himura. We understand how you got confused because he looks like a girl, but he is a boy. Feel free to consult with us on any Japanese-comic articles you do in the future.

Darla, 14
Antonia, 12
Kaitlyn, 12

New York

Finding this rather funny, I showed it to my mother, expecting her to laugh, only to have her say, "Oh yes, that's Samurai X!"


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