Saturday, October 14, 2006

I've finally gotten my Internet connection in my serviced apartment sorted out. Turns out I'd plugged the cable into the wrong socket. Thank goodness I'm not a guy, or that would've had serious ramifications on my general operating ability.

The last week has been a little crazy. I've been caught between happiness at being away from Singapore, at being somewhere which is incredibly vibrant and has a beautiful skyline, and general homesickness at having spent far too long away from home and friends. I haven't been away from Singapore all that much this year, but with my working hours, I haven't had much time to meet up with friends or see my parents either. In fact, when I asked my parents whether they'd miss me, their response was that they don't really see me during the week anyway, so they'd treat it as just an extension of that. Fair enough.

Anyway, today and yesterday has been a little crazy. Yesterday, I went with an ex-colleague and his friends to a couple of clubs: The Fringe Club (a place for expats primarily) and Club No. 9, one of the new 'in' clubs in Hong Kong. Today, I've been to Dragon-I, Lotus and then JC65 for a psychedelic trance party organised by a friend of a friend who I happened to run into both today and yesterday.

HK's nightlife, which sadly cannot compare to Singapore in terms of overseas DJs, is nevertheless more happening than that of Singapore's. Lan Kwai Fong has been incredibly crowded, Carnival notwithstanding, and I'm just so happy to be in a place where people are living it up.

And yes, maybe you'll think me shallow or superficial for enjoying spending time with people who know how to party (Hong Kongers drink a lot and they do not spare foreigners one iota), but given that's how I generally de-stress (I can't afford to shop around my office), I don't really give a crap as to how people view my choice of recreational activities.

What will I be doing tomorrow? Some shopping (I hope) and a seafood dinner at one of the offshore islands. That and looking for a church so I can go to Mass. The one nearest to me has a capacity of 200 and will apparently have hordes of people descending upon it if today is any indication of what tomorrow may be like.

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