Sunday, October 15, 2006

Today has been both productive and sinful.

First, I made my way to church, managing to accidentally walk the length of two MTR stations in the process (about a 20 minute walk), after which I headed off to Causeway Bay to do some shopping, only for a friend to invite me over to Taikoo so that he could show me the local side of Hong Kong.

The only trouble with that is that after I finished lunch, he was so engrossed in our conversation that we got on the wrong bus, which turned out to be an express bus, and we ended up back at Causeway Bay, leaving us with just enough time to grab an incredibly delicious mango dessert (yeung chi kam lo) before I had to go meet another friend and head to Sai Kung for an amazing seafood experience involving lobster, hairy crab and steamed fish at Hung Kee seafood restaurant. Apparently, Sai Kung is the place to go for seafood, rather than Lamma Island, which is the one usually recommended to tourists. Sai Kung is located in the highlands of Hong Kong, and as a result, the air is much fresher than the air in the business district. I could smell the salty tang of the sea the moment I alighted the bus, which was delightful because the pollution here has been really getting to me. The reason why tourists aren't usually encouraged to go there though, is because it's in the New Territories, and isn't the most convenient place to get to (directions can be found here). The price for this princely meal? Just under HK$950 (~S$190) which isn't too bad, considering that everything was fresh.

I'm so stuffed that I don't even want to see any more seafood for a period of time, which is quite amazing, given that I'd been lusting after lobster for some time after having the most amazing tandoori lobster in Mumbai just last month.

In a way, I'm glad that this will be my last business trip in some time. Although I do like that I've learnt quite a lot of things during my trips, I could get way too used to living this kind of lifestyle.

P.S. Yes, I have taken lots of photos, but for some reason, I can't upload pictures using this particular connection.

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