Monday, November 27, 2006

I had a great weekend. I was positively smothered with affection.

First off with my pre-birthday party on Friday night, followed by a rather hazy night spent dancing dressed in a mini-skirt (usually not my skirt length of choice) and feathered mask on my head. Hazy because I found out the hard way that fenny is rather more powerful than absinthe especially if you have more than one shot of it.

Saturday was spent lazing around, recovering, until my brother returned home from London, whereupon we spent the evening catching up.

And Sunday was family time, followed by shopping for a ZoukOut outfit (new bikini and new footwear, as my sandals disintegrated after the last ZoukOut) with a dear friend who, I gather, really missed me while I was gone.

And of course, there was dinner tonight with an old friend who I really needed to catch up with, having only had intermittent contact with her over the past few weeks during a very tough period for her, as I was so tied up with work, and of course, being away from Singapore. She's better now, I'm happy to say, and it was great to see her again in happier circumstances.

It's nice to be missed... and not just by the office!

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