Sunday, November 05, 2006

I'm so glad StarWorld is currently showing the second season of Grey's Anatomy, even as I'm getting my fix by reading the recaps of the third season on Television Without Pity. The most recent episode, 2.04 Deny, Deny, Deny, was a pretty interesting episode, and I think one of the episodes submitted for Sandra Oh's Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress.

It's easy to see which this one was chosen to be submitted; here, we see Cristina at her best and worst. She's snippy with her mother, she refuses to get any rest after having had surgery for her ectopic pregnancy which resulted in her losing a fallopian tube, she's argumentative with her ex-lover (Burke), and right towards the end of the episode, after she's proven right about one of the other patients in the hospital, she just loses it, breaking down, unable to stop crying. This last part is of course where her famous "Make it... make it stop... somebody sedate me!" scene occurs.

Right at the end, Burke comes in and sees the tears streaming down her face. He moves to stroke her head but stops when her mother says, "she doesn't want to be touched." At this moment, Cristina's face shows a perfect combination of not wanting anyone to come near her and simultaneously pain, distress and a desperate desire to be consoled. Burke sees this for what it is, takes off his jacket, gets into the bed, and wraps himself around her as Cristina leans against him for solace. This one scene, short though it is, was done exceedingly well, and just about broke my heart when it occurred.

Ah, Grey's Anatomy. I'm so glad you're back in my life. And I'm really into the theme song, Psapp - Cosy in the Rocket, as well. It's just so delightfully simple and full of bleeps and bloops.

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heelers said...

Hi Littlemissrandom.
Just checked in to your site again after a lapse of many months.
I do believe about a year ago you gave me some advice on music after I left a comment on The One Sick Puppy Pimps.
Cheers, from James in Ireland