Friday, December 22, 2006

Well, unexpectedly, I got a half day today as well as Christmas presents from my colleagues. The thought of getting them something didn't even cross my mind and I felt quite bad when I was given the gifts, especially when the one I'm closest to got me something which is clearly a book along with something else. But thankfully, they told us not to worry because the ones who did get us presents have people (i.e. significant others) to help them out when it comes to getting the gifts and wrapping them up. Still, I'm rather touched... and I'll wait until Christmas to open them even though I'm naturally a very curious person and hate to be kept waiting.

I also bought myself a Santa hat because of the Christmas parties I'll be attending this weekend. I can't believe I actually went out to buy one. And not just any Santa hat, but one which I thought was nice and stylish too. I really need to curb my 'ah well, let's not do things by half measures' instinct I've been operating on the whole year.

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