Saturday, December 23, 2006

Mylo was decent, if a little disappointing. I had expected something a little more pleasant to my ears but instead, got what I felt was a generally slow set.

However, as if to make up for that, we were treated to the world's goofiest club dancer ever. He did moves that quite honestly, no one should ever attempt, ranging from dancing against the world as if he were trying to hump it, to jerking in time to the music, to waggling his butt while waving his arms in the air. I couldn't decide if I was being entertained or just scarred for life.

"He's got to be on something," I said. "Otherwise, he has no excuse whatsoever." Later on, we learnt that he was drunk - on one jug of some random alcohol mix.

Then, T. leaned over and said in my ear, "Wah, so sexy," and I just lost it and buried my head in his chest while laughing uncontrollably.

We spotted some young girls filming him with their cameras later on in the night. The poor sod's going to go down in YouTube infamy.

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