Monday, January 29, 2007

ASEAN Rocks wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Granted, I didn't pay any money to get inside (the perks of having friends who work for the sponsors) and I didn't pay anything for drinks the whole night long (an unexpected perk which said friend didn't know about either) and these two factors definitely contributed towards my non-condemnation of what most people would have considered a lame event. I mean, how else would you think of a music festival organised simply to celebrate ASEAN's fortieth anniversary?

Anyway, I arrived late and didn't catch the first two acts, Wicked Aura (who I think are great, but at the same time, all drums sound the same to me after a very short while) and Hady Mirza, who I know nothing about, but who appeared incredibly dao as he strode out of the Hard Rock Cafe and into his car.

D'Medley from Brunei were pretty okay, with the band doing a rather good cover of Save Ferris - I Know, although I'm not sure if most of the crowd were old enough to remember the song or the movie it was featured in (10 Things I Hate About You featuring Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger for those of you not in the know, and one of my favourite movies of all-time). After D'Medley came Bamboo from the Philippines, who were really rocking. They were good performers and generally, more energetic than D'Medley, which was good because when I go to listen to live music, I much prefer faster songs to the slower tunes.

And after what seemed like far too long listening to the two MCs (from 98.7 fm) bantering, and various HRC bands coming on for like two songs each, Electrico, the band everyone had been waiting for (well, everyone but me), finally came on. They weren't too bad, but in my opinion, they now sound like every other new American band, and I don't really like their music anymore.

Anyway, after Electrico's set ended, Wicked Aura was slated to come on again but I, tired after three straight nights of drinking, decided to head off.

While I don't doubt that there is talent present in the region, I don't think HRC are going to make much money out of this particular festival which ends this Thursday. Still, it's a nice thought, I'll admit.

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