Sunday, February 11, 2007

Heroes looks to be shaping up to be a pretty good series. I'm hoping it doesn't go the same way as Desperate Housewives and Lost, two dramas I watched the first season of, but eventually lost interest in as the plots gradually grew too convoluted for my tastes. With 11 or so characters, all of whom are currently in different cities, that may prove to be quite a challenge, but so far, the buzz on the show seems to be all positive.

One of the biggest draws for me is definitely Hiro, who is quite possibly the most adorable geek to ever appear on TV. Hiro (Masi Oka, a graduate from Brown University, in an almost entirely Japanese-speaking role) is a wage slave in Japan who has the power "to bend the space-time continuum, like Star Trek." Some people might get all angsty or arrogant about such a gift, but Hiro's so enthusiastically joyful about his abilities that one cannot help but love him... especially with his exurburence and his tendency to yell, "Yatta!" (Japanese for "I did it!" after every successful exhibition of his powers). He really is a Super Hiro. Hee! (For the record, I didn't make that pun, the show did). In any case, he's so popular, he even has a blog.

So if you haven't yet had the chance to catch it, go watch it now. It's broadcast on Star World on Wednesdays at 9 pm and repeats on Saturdays at 7 pm and Sundays at 2 pm and 8 pm... and if you're a Grey's Anatomy fan, then just catch the 8 pm show, because GA comes on right after that. Coach Potato Sundays, here I come.

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