Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Lunch with someone I met for the first time during ZoukOut '06 but haven't seen since went bizarrely well. Both he and I were commiserating over how we're both sick of Singapore, and how he'd been coping by getting out of the country every other weekend.

He invited me along on a couple of trips - to Redang over the Easter weekend to go scuba diving, and to Australia during the winter to snowboard - both of which I declined on account of not doing either activity.

Then, I began bitching about how I can't do anything much until after my CFA Level II exam is over, and so, he asks the natural question, "when is it over?"

"June 3rd," I reply.

"All right," he says, taking out his PDA. "You are coming away with me on the weekend of June 15th."

Taken aback by his infectious enthusiasm, I agreed.

And then he proceeded to seal the deal by well, diarising it, as we say in the corporate world.

And so, it would appear, I am going away for a weekend in June with arguably one of the nicest and sweetest guys I have met in a long long time.

Just like that.

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