Saturday, April 21, 2007

I caught a bad cold yesterday... right before Zouk's Sweet Sixteen anniversary party tonight too. I'm one of those crazy people who'd rather not take medicine when they're sick on a day they might be drinking, so I'm really suffering now.

And to add to the stress, I'm contemplating what others have called a really sweet job offer at the moment. It's not as clear-cut for me as it is for everyone else who knows about it. The reason why I started looking is because I need a big change - a change from the city I'm in, from the areas I cover and the work I'm doing. This offer, attractive financially though it is, offers me very little in the way of change, and I'm not the kind who'd take an offer just purely for the money. If I don't think I can commit to them for at least two years, then I shouldn't take it. And given that I've been feeling as if I'm going to burn out any day now for the last six months, that should tell you the chances of that happening.

That's not to say that I'm definitely going to turn it down. I still need to talk to the head of the team to get some questions answered but... when am I ever going to stop feeling so fed up with work and Singapore?

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