Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hot Fuzz was good fun. The film is mostly set in the fictional town of Sandford, Gloucester, where Sergeant Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg), a dedicated and over-achieving police officer, is sent to by his superiors who are worried about his making the rest of the team look bad, given his arrest record is 400% higher than the average London police officer. There, he is partnered with Danny Butterman (Nick Frost), a naive and eager police constable who also loves watching action movies. When strange accidents occur in Sandford, a quiet little village which has won Village of the year three times in a row, Nicholas gets suspicious, only to be met by the ignorance of the general populace. Determined to get to the bottom of this, Nicholas and Danny investigate the 'accidents' only to find that there is more to the sleepy little village than meets the eye.

I decided to watch the movie based on the credentials of the director and the production team. I am a big fan of British humour, and absolutely loved Spaced, a series I was introduced to by an English colleague of mine, who was also kind enough to give me Shaun of the Dead, a movie which I have yet to watch. However, one worry regarding Hot Fuzz was the possibility that I would not understand the jokes relating to the setting of the movie, i.e. the sleepy quiet village. That turned out not to be the case, and without giving too much away, I would say that any intelligent Singaporean would be able to relate to this incredibly well, particularly when Nicholas discovers what the motive behind the series of 'accidents' is.

The script, written by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright (also the makers of Shaun of the Dead and Spaced) was generally subtle and witty, and the editing was pretty good. The movie definitely had a little more action and violence than I expected it to have. I particularly enjoyed the gay-yet-not-gay overtones of the relationship between Nicholas and Danny, and two other characters in the film, known as the Andys. Overall, while I didn't find the movie as funny as I found certain episodes of Spaced, I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Favourite Quotes (may contain SPOILERS):
Nicholas: What's the situation?
DS Andy Wainwright: Two blokes and a fuck-load of cutlery!

Nicholas (on Point Break): There's no way you could perpetrate that amount of carnage and mayhem and not incur a significant amount of paperwork.

Simon Skinner (over walkie talkie): Michael? Are you there? Michael? Is everything okay?
Nicholas (pretending to be Michael): Yarp.
Simon: Sergeant Angel's been taken care of?
Nicholas: Yarp.
Simon: He's not going to get back up again?
Nicholas: ...... Narp?
Simon: Good.

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