Saturday, June 23, 2007

I bought a pair of sparkly gold hotpants from Topshop. The picture on the web site doesn't show off how sparkly it is under direct light, but when I saw them, they did look gorgeously bling... and a little stripper-like, I'll admit.

It could be temporary insanity because I've been looking for a pair of shorts for a while, specifically, shorts I could wear to go to clubs in (proper clubs, mind you), but, hey, they do look kind of nice... to me at least!

Apropos of nothing, my friend and I were walking through Borders when we came across Ice Kabobs which had the tagline, "Everything is more fun on a stick."
Me: As a straight girl, I can't dispute that.
Friend: I think it would be better as "everything is more fun with a stick."
Me: Works either way... even with the ice.

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